Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ADay.org Did You Post Anything?

Lichen on the deck. Not super happy with this shot, but the lichen, for scale, is about 1/8th of an inch across on the red tips.

 Baby robin's, there are 3 in there. Only one opened his little mouth when I came near. They were a day or two old at most I think in this shot.
Unfortunately, a few days later, empty nest. Probably a predator of some kind. Such is nature's way I suppose, sad as it is.
 Not sure why, but hanging the laundry out, the perspective view of it caught my eye as possibly interesting. I'm rather pleased with this one, and look forward to doing it with only blue jeans on the line some day....
 The pasture people, in, well.... the pasture. That's Mandy on the left, and Buttermilk (we call her Butterbutt lol) on the right. The others were out of shot, so they miss out today.
Asparagus tip, dinner is served! The patch is overgrown with grass, but we've had some good feasts off it already this year.Taste's best when fresh harvested.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Orange You Glad to See Me??

 And here's a couple of pics of the beautiful male baltimore oriole.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

You Gotta Walk the Walk...Talk the Talk...

 Hey there! White crowned sparrow, ready for my close up and cat walk!!!  Here I go, the cutest and most personable tweep on the block!

Oh man.... what the &^$% did I just step in.... ewwwww

who did that.... seriously dudes.....

I mean it... who did that!!! Who left that mess over there??!!

Was it you??? You??? I see you.... get over here!
I mean it...come on back here and clean that up!!! I'm coming for you!!! That was so.... rude dude!!!

(hehehe.... seriously, the series didn't start out telling a story, and I deleted a bunch that were all the same. Turned out to have a set of 6 just adorable pics, that...well, seemed to talk... .hehehehe )

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose....

Another one of my favorite Tweeps (tweeter peeps). The Rose breasted grosbeak is back, with his lady too. She's much more drab than he, and I do have pics, just not up here yet.
My Mr Rose tho, not too shy at all. He sat, posing, nibbling on sunflower seeds and sitting pretty for me, by the orange slice that is out for the orioles.
And no, he didn't pick on the orange, only his chosen seeds.
Check out, right by his beak and feathers by his eye, looks like tiny eye lashes that flow downwards over his beak. Very cool. Hope you love him too!

Seeing Orange

Two shots of the female Baltimore Oriole coming to the feeders. The sliced orange turned out to be a hit, with both her and the male picking at them. I've sliced them sideways again, as there is still more orange in the unreachable zones. The male and female both spend time on the peanut feeders too, but prefer the orange slices. I love the colour! So bright!
(both shots are taken thru a window. I know, not the best, but these birds are a bit shy, so I have to get what I can, when I can. :) )

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

High Wire Act?

I was watching this wasp, just seconds before, walk along the bottom of the clothes line. Tried to catch him/her, but missed it as it shifted to the top of the wire instead.
However, I still think this is a cool shot. A peekaboo of sorts....hehehehehe

An Early Sunset One Day

Caught this on our evening walk one night. The sun is setting on the far side of that willow tree. I liked the way the yellow branches lit up. It's not quite what I saw in my eyes, but hey...it never is.....

Like a Tiger She Walks....

Say hello to little Jinx. She's a compact little tuxedo cat, who thinks if she walks slowly, the birdies won't see her coming! lol.
Moments after taking this she was sitting in the deck top feeder, looking suprised there were no birds for her to grab....sigh...ha ha ha Pretty cat...

Marsh Marigolds

So, they are up in the back yard wetland pond just behind the house here. My dad brought them from up the road and put them in a few years back. Each year I check them out til they bloom. This day was one of those bright gorgeous days in the last few. Some warmth and sunshine, and everything jumped up a few inches!
Enjoy, many more spring things to come :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Fluff....up close

so close you can see every hair on the darn thing. Wow. Amazing the light play on each fibre.

The fuzzy bits behind are some of the other milkweed plants this year.

Same location as last years shot, but set up differently as the edges were trimmed differently this year at the end of the driveway.

Hope you like.

Are we there yet???

Jade came with us this year and she was super excited on the trip up! Kept checking the windows to see what we were driving by (she loves car rides).

This is her, checking out the driveway, just as we turn into the lane for the cottage.

Gorgeous yellows were everwhere here! Leaves were lovely.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

RGB ..... Maple

Another one, like below, but also way different! A different place at the lake, a different change. Gorgeous intense red, green and blue.


Electric Maple

Only resized this picture. A tiny maple tree at the shoreline on the lake this weekend. A spotty change for the season, and really kinda messes with your eyes some too as you try to see each leaf.
All sorts of suprises each year with the wonderous variety of change.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sitting on the Dock of the .... River

My daughter Amy, enjoying some peaceful morning time on the dock at family's place. I loved the funky angle!!!

Calender Falls

First stop on the trip to see some of the falls in the area (admittedly late in the season and water was quite low, they were still very pretty), this one, viewed thru a frame of maple leaves, is lovely! I'm sure it was even prettier when the leaves fully changed, but I didn't manage to get there then. I was a tad early. But...I know the spot, it will always be there and I can go back and look at it thru different parts of the seasons.
Looking forward to it. :)

Goldenrod Feeds Two Today

And two different critters. A bee and a wasp as well. They were fairly slow moving and it was easy to creep up w camera and switch to macro mode to get nice and close. I probably could have gotten closer, but I liked this shot and left it at that.

Tis the Season

Many colours abound lately, here's one I found while visiting family down near Havelock.

This one is the bottom of the falls at the dam at Cordova Mines area. We walked down to the bottom and then worked our way back up river on the rocks. They are mostly black down there, some quartz veins running thru and some erratics too.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The storm tonight, as I drove home. I loved the way the tree's, fence, road and storm ridge all converge on the same point in the picture!

Timothy in view of a Storm

Almost home, the timothy was blowing in the wind of the approaching storm, seen behind. I love thunderstorms and often try to capture them when they show me their glory.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Two ladies

One is the lovely lady in blue, my daughter. The other, is the ancient black cherry tree she is standing in. This tree is very large and almost impossible to get a clear picture of in whole. Too far back and the other tree's crowd her. Too close and you can only see parts of her. It would take 3 adults to reach around her trunk.

A place to go, solitude.....