Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ADay.org Did You Post Anything?

Lichen on the deck. Not super happy with this shot, but the lichen, for scale, is about 1/8th of an inch across on the red tips.

 Baby robin's, there are 3 in there. Only one opened his little mouth when I came near. They were a day or two old at most I think in this shot.
Unfortunately, a few days later, empty nest. Probably a predator of some kind. Such is nature's way I suppose, sad as it is.
 Not sure why, but hanging the laundry out, the perspective view of it caught my eye as possibly interesting. I'm rather pleased with this one, and look forward to doing it with only blue jeans on the line some day....
 The pasture people, in, well.... the pasture. That's Mandy on the left, and Buttermilk (we call her Butterbutt lol) on the right. The others were out of shot, so they miss out today.
Asparagus tip, dinner is served! The patch is overgrown with grass, but we've had some good feasts off it already this year.Taste's best when fresh harvested.

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Elaine L. Bridge said...

Beautiful shots, all! The robins were amazing, but my favorites were the clothespins and the asparagus. Thanks for sharing your gift!